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The Perfect Potluck

The Perfect Potluck

A potluck dinner is a fun, easy way to hold a get together without sticking one person with all the work! Everyone brings a dish to share. You can create a theme or have guests bring a favorite dish. For some, though, it can be stressful to figure out how to make it go smoothly or, as a guest, it can be tough to know what to bring. Below are our best tips for the host who is looking to create the perfect potluck experience and for the guest who wants to bring a winning dish!

Tips for the host:

  • Choose a theme. A theme can be a fun way to add a twist to the potluck. It can be something seasonal, a holiday focus, or based on a specific food. 
  • Make a sign-up list. You can use an online sign-up option or have everyone report what they’re bringing. Whichever modality you choose, it is helpful to make sure you don’t have a bunch of the same items.
  • Split up the necessities. If you want to make it very easy to host, you can also split the responsibility of plates, cups, utensils, napkins, and drinks between attendees. Don’t forget to remind everyone to bring a serving utensil for their dish!
  • Have containers available for leftovers. This is certainly an extra step, so you can decide if it’s worth it, but having disposable leftover containers allows guests to take home some of their favorites. This way, you won’t be stuck with more leftovers than you can fit in your fridge (although that is easy dinner for the next day!)
  • You can also prepare a main dish as the center of the party and have all the guests provide dishes and desserts to go along with it. What A Crock Meals to Go has so many delicious entrees (meal delivery, huge plus!) that you can prepare in your crockpot, leaving you plenty of time to get ready for your guests!

Tips for the guest:

  • Make something you enjoy. One of the best parts about having a potluck is the guarantee that there will be at least one dish that everyone can enjoy. But sometimes we want to impress and may be tempted to bring a crowd-pleaser that may not be our personal favorite, don’t do that! If you love it, chances are, others will too, and if not, more for you!
  • Think practical. You want to make something easy to transport and serve. This is why we love the dips from What A Crock Meals to Go; they’re so easy to make and carry in your slow cooker. No prep and lot’s of flavor, we guarantee the Phill Cheesesteak Dip will be a hit!
  • If your host is providing the main entree, think basic sides. Basic does not mean tasteless. Instead, they’re classic and will easily please. Our Three Cheese Mac and Cheese or Mashed Sweet Potatoes would be perfect for just about ANY entree your host is serving up. 
  • Keep food safety in mind. One thing about a potluck is that food may sit around for a long time. Make sure to find a way to keep cold food cold and warm food warm. 

Potlucks are very much about the food, but they’re more about the company! Making the event as stress-free as possible will allow everyone to enjoy the company even more. Eat up and enjoy!

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