Sausage Meatballs

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These meatballs are made with Maglio's Sausage and slow cooked in our Grandma's Gravy. Serve them with the generous portion of pasta included with your meal. These are not your Grandma's meatballs, but she would approve! 


Slow Cooker: 6-8 Hrs Low (make sure your slow cooker is between a quarter to three quarters filled, any less the sauce will burn and any more the meal may not cook in time)

Boil in Bag: Boil a pot of water. Place frozen meal bag into the pot. Cook for 20 minutes. Make sure the bag is submerged in the water and not touching the pot. Plastic touching the pot may burn. The bag will be hot and releases hot steam when opened.

Pasta: Boil pasta for 10-12 minutes and serve with the meal.

Serving Suggestion: Pair with our Cheesy Garlic Bread for the perfect Italian meal!


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