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What a Crocks Tips For the Perfect Football Sunday

What a Crocks Tips For the Perfect Football Sunday

Ah, Fall! Sweaters, crockpots, pumpkin spice, apple picking and of course, FOOTBALL! Who doesn’t love spending a crisp Sunday surrounded by friends and family, watching the game and munching on some delicious food? If you’re hosting a crowd this Sunday, read on for tips on how to make it a winner!

First and foremost, as with any celebration, don’t lose focus on what is most important, WINNING! Just kidding, the company! Even if your team doesn’t win, spending that time with friends and family is what counts. No amount of preparation will change that.

Decorations can be effortless. Grab some paper plates, cups, tablecloths, and streamers in your team colors. If you have kids at this party, you can have a craft set out for them to do to add to the decor. With very minimal supplies (and mess!) they can make banners, team flags, or footballs. Football parties aren’t events where people are expecting much, so a few small touches will go a long way!

Before we dive into the fun drinks, don’t forget to provide water. All that hooting and hollering will leave people in need of proper hydration! If you want to be more than just your team’s waterboy, there are lots of options with and without alcohol. Beer is a cultural standard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Try creating a signature cocktail to mix things up. You can also set up a “mocktail” for kids and grown-ups alike. Set up a variety of fruit juices and sodas with some flavor enhancements like grenadine and coconut cream. Put out some fruit for garnish, fun cups and mixers, and you have yourself a fun little drink station!

Who doesn’t love football food? Food is your chance for a big impression, and if you do it right, you can do it with minimal effort. A great way to pad your buffet with lots of choices is to host a cookoff. A popular contest is for the best appetizer, best easy dip recipe or best dessert (our favorite!). Want to do little to no work but get all the credit? Check out What A Crock Meals Party Pack. You get two entrees and three dips that you toss into your slow cooker and call it a day. You can customize it for 5-40 people! Add this pack to your next What A Crock meal delivery, so you’re prepared for the big game. What A Crock is not just a meal service; it’s a party solution!

With a little planning and these tips, your party is sure to be a winner. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the game! Go, Team!

 P.S. Does this gameday party interfere with your usual meal prep? What A Crock Meals has your back. Order up some of our meal kits to keep in your freezer for easy dinners throughout the week.

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