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Back to School Meal Prep Delivery: Try Crock Pot Meals

Back to School Meal Prep Delivery: Try Crock Pot Meals

I like to get pulled into the conversation about how busy I am at this stage of life with work plus four children in school, countless practices, rehearsals, activities, and committees to drive to, and a husband who is often on the road with his two jobs.

It’s a wild ride, for sure, but I’d be lying to myself to say that there was ever a period in my life when I wasn’t pressed for time, constantly running from one project or activity to the next, barely squeezing in brief moments to visit relatives, let alone remember to rotate tires, make an appointment to have the chimney swept, or any other items on a countless list of maintenance tasks for homeowners and vehicle owners.

No, most of us living in the world today are busy, regardless of our “stage of life.” Even grandparents, who used to spend their golden years rocking in chairs on porches, are out in the thick of it, working in businesses, sitting on sidelines at soccer games, chauffeuring grandchildren, and trying to keep the ship up and running for the next generation.

In the midst of our busy-ness, however, we often lose sight of what should be a high priority, and that is feeding our bodies with good, nutritious food that will nourish us while supporting our healthy immune systems, hearts, and weight.

On the front lines here, we spend more time on the move than we do over a stove or gathered around a table, and regardless of the strides that we are making in the world, or how hard we’re rocking it on a daily basis, that can spell trouble and wreak havoc on our health.

To maintain the life that we’re living so hard each day, we need to make nutrition a top priority, and one way to do that is by practicing the art of meal prep.

Meal prep is the practice of planning and preparing well-balanced meals that are divided into controlled portions that will provide us with the energy that we need in our lives on the move.

Sound wonderful? Sure, but if I had time to prep meals, I wouldn’t be in a predicament to begin with.

Never fear. Enter What-a-Crock!

The Benefits of Meal Prep and How What-a-Crock Helps

Let’s face it - it’s not just kids who go back to school anymore. The whole multi-generational family is going back to school, and we need to get ourselves together before another semester is underway.

There are enormous benefits to preparing meals ahead of time, especially during the school year, if only we are able to carve a period in which to accomplish the task.

First… fitness goals.

Prepping our meals ahead of time enables us to stay on track with our diet plans when faced with great temptation at the most overpowering moments of the day.

You’ve left a stressful meeting at the office and missed your window to get to the gym before you have to get Jim and Jane to soccer practice. At this point, it’s dark, you’re hungry, and you’re still running late. There’s likely no healthy food in the house because you didn’t have time to food shop in the first place. You’re done. You missed lunch, and despite the darkness outside, there is no end in sight for this monster of a day. There is, of course, fast food, and there’s always tomorrow to get back on track with health and fitness goals, right?

Well, perhaps… but really, why not stay on track today? With What-a-Crock, the best crockpot meals can be waiting for you when you walk in the front door (even if you’re just going to turn around and go out again!)

The chef-created meals have been shipped to your home through meal prep delivery, and before you left the house this morning, knowing it was going to be a busy day, you plucked one of your easy crockpot meals from the fridge, popped it in the crockpot, and blew out the front door in the eye of your personal tornado. See the difference it has made? It was easy, it saved you time and money, and you were able to say on top of your fitness goals. Winning!

Saving money, you say?

Can it be true? How on earth can healthy, chef-prepared meals be delivered to my home for an affordable rate?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Ordering prepared crock pot meals from What-a-Crock not only provides you with nutritious options and convenience, but it is also a wise, economic decision. See for yourself by comparing the cost of ingredients that you have to go out, buy at the food store, and prepare yourself with the incredibly delicious crock pot meals provided by What-a-Crock and gasp in awe at the incredible value.

Finally… save time.

Prepping your meals takes time away from the things that are important. The time that is spent at the grocery store or thinking up inventive new ways to make meals that will please everyone in the family could be better spent on time with your parents, your children, your friends, or savoring your personal downtime.

When your whole family goes back-to-school this year, be sure to put What-a-Crock on your list of supplies - you will be glad you did.

Menu Suggestions

The following are delicious, health, easy-to-pack options from the What-a-Crock menu that are excellent suggestions for lunches this school year:

Homemade Chili - Hot, filling, and delicious, the What-a-Crock homemade chili recipe is perfect for cold, winter days when you need sustenance to get you through the rest of the day. Easy to pack in portions and enjoyed by people of all ages, it is a perfect option for individuals and families.

Lemon Chicken - Served with pasta, over a bed of rice, or on its own, the What-a-Crock lemon chicken recipe is a healthy crowd-pleaser for people of all ages. Easy to pack in a lunch container, or served around the dinner table, this is a top-notch selection for the school year.

Bacon Mozzarella Meatballs - Got growing boys? They’re not the only ones who will go bananas for the taste of these zesty lunch items. The scent alone will have everyone in the vicinity hoping for trades-ies, and that includes adults. Our delicious recipe is another easy to pack option that your crew will clamor for again and again.

Slow Cooker Steak Sandwich - Our website says, “It’s like having a crock-pot hoagie,” and that is the truth! Dripping with tasty goodness, the steak sandwich will change your entire lunchtime experience. Move over PBJ, it’s time for something better!

Call What-a-Crock

Whatever your role in the family, and whatever your nutritional needs are this back-to-school season, be sure to order a crock pot meal from What-a-Crock. Visit us here, or call us at (484) 474-0451. You’ll be glad you did!

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