Brisket Fajitas

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Hand-cut strips of brisket simmered with fresh onions and peppers in a traditional fajita sauce. Comes with rice.

Instructions & Tips

Slow Cooker: 8-12 Hrs Low (make sure your slow cooker is between a quarter to three quarters filled, any less the sauce will burn and any more the meal may not cook in time)

Stovetop: completely defrost, then pour contents into pan over medium heat and cook for 20-25 minutes

Pressure Cooker: 20 to 25 minutes from frozen or 15 to 20 minutes thawed.

Rice: Add rice to slow cooker for the last 20 minutes before serving or boil in bag for 12 minutes.

Disclaimer: All meals are produced in a kitchen that contains allergens including but not limited to wheat, soy, dairy and shellfish.

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Nutrition Facts

In order to provide the most accurate nutritional information we provided the value of both the ingredients and sauce separate for the majority of our meal. We do this because we understand that our customers will in most cases not consume all of the sauce provided with our dishes. The reason for this is our dishes are built for the slow cooker and we must include extra sauce to ensure the ingredients cook evenly.  

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