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Au Jus Buttermilk Steak

Feeds 1-2 people per portion
in stock, ready to be shipped
in stock, ready to be shipped
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Original price
$13.99 - $15.98
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Tender and juicy steak meat served with a traditional au jus sauce. This dish is perfect to serve as a sandwich.

This meal is sold by the portion. One portion is built to feed one person with a hearty appetite or two people with light appetites.

Slow Cooker

Instant Pot

No Gluten

Low Carb

Slow Cooker

Instant Pot

No Gluten

Low Carb

Cooking Instructions

Slow Cooker Instructions

Cook for 10-12 Hours on low heat. (Make sure your slow cooker is between a quarter to three quarters filled, any less and the sauce may burn. Any more and the meal may take significantly longer to cook.)


Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker Instructions

Cook for 25-35 minutes.


Tips & Tricks

Serve on a toasted roll with melted cheese and sautéed peppers.

Nutrition & Allergen Info


  • This dish contains dairy and soy.

Portion Size & Packaging Info


  • All of our meals come prepackaged and ready to cook. Each portion of this dish comes with: one bag of Au Jus Buttermilk Steak. NOTE: Bread products such as rolls and tortillas are not included due to shipping constraints.


  • We highly recommend checking to see that your slow cooker is the correct size before ordering. Cooking meals in slow cookers that are too large can lead to burning and other issues. Click here to learn more.

Shipping Info

  • Every order is shipped frozen with dry ice and insulation to ensure a safe delivery.



Disclaimer: all meals are produced in a kitchen that contains allergens including but not limited to wheat, soy, dairy, and shellfish.

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Make sure your slow cooker is the correct size before ordering! Click here to learn more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Everything is absolutely outstanding!

I have tried multiple meals from What A Crock and everything has been absolutely delicious. The flavor profiles are spot on, the portions are hearty and the preparation is simplistic. These are my types of meals. I also love that these meals are natural with no added preservatives. This is a big thing for trying to provide my family with healthier options and cutting out the fast food. I cannot recommend What A Crock Meals enough.

Versatile meal

Thawed the buttermilk steak meal and cut the meat into four pieces. Cooked on high in crockpot for one hour and then on low for another 7 hours. Meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender and gravy was delicious. Purchased serving for one but got three meals from it. One was as open-face sandwich on French bread, a second one over flat noodles, and the third one on mashed potatoes. A favorite meal now. Very versatile.


This is my family’s favorite meal. Delicious!

Micki Takac
Excellent Flavor But Requires a Little Work

I used the Instant Pot method and was left with a hunk of meat. I guess I expected it to shred easily. It sounds like that is not the care even if its slow cooked. Not a problem, just plan a little extra time to thinly slice the meat. The flavor is amazing. I served it on kaiser rolls toped with provolone and quickly broiled. Excellent. I will definitely order again.

Sooo good

The flavor of this is amazing! I agree with others saying it was tough. I cut the meat up after about 8 hours and let it cook another hour. It was perfect and tender that way! What a crock has saved me so much time in the kitchen lately. I’m addicted!