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What are Some Great, Tasty Crock Pot Creations for Summer BBQ's?

What are Some Great, Tasty Crock Pot Creations for Summer BBQ's?


Oh, happy day! For the first time of the year, we walked comfortably outside in the evening without needing jackets, breathed in the warm, fragrant air and got down to work, planning our first summer BBQ, all the way down to the crockpot.


A Crockpot BBQ, You Say?


Oh yes, friends, it can be done, and indeed a crockpot BBQ can be done so well that the grill will be weeping in memory of its glory days. Crockpot meals are often associated with heavy winter recipes that have the distinct ability to warm us from the inside out. As enjoyable as those meals are, we should not make the mistake of overlooking this remarkable appliance during the summer months of the year, too, when we are busy visiting friends and relatives, enjoying potluck get-togethers, entertaining, and BBQing.


Crockpot meals are easy to cook, transport, and to keep warm, and their versatility is the key to the ultimate, creative crockpot creations. As we approach the season of fun and festivity, in addition to flip-flops, sparklers, and flamingo pool floats, if you don't already have one, be sure to add an affordable crockpot to your shopping list - you will not regret it.


To get you started with your first crockpot BBQ, check out these delicious recipes:


BBQ Pulled Pork


The sweet, Southern style of pulled pork is a popular favorite among BBQ guests. Served on a bun with or without pickles makes this easy sandwich a winner.



When you're cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, and making preparations for guests, this life hack will give you some extra time to work on other details of your BBQ. Prepare your hotdogs into the slow cooker. You can simultaneously cook SIXTY hotdogs in one crockpot by standing them upright and letting them heat for 1-2 hours.

Find specific directions on Delish.


Philly Chili


As delicious as it sounds, this mouth-watering twist on a local favorite will leave your guests clamoring for more. This cheesesteak-style sloppy Joe concoction is made with premium ground beef, and mixed with onions and secret sauce. On a soft roll with cheese, this rivals the best of all Philly foods.

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Tacos


Do you want to shake it up a bit, blending the traditional BBQ with a Hawaiian theme? This recipe will be perfect for such an occasion. Put on the flower lei and coconut bra, and let your taste buds do the Hula around these fabulous tacos.

Find the full recipe at Toast the Host.


Buffalo Chicken Dip


Kick it up a notch with this recipe of shredded chicken in creamy sauces, topped with an unforgettably bold hot sauce. This flavorful favorite is served best with tortilla chips or soft pretzels.


Corn on the Cob with Chili Lime Butter


What BBQ is complete without corn on the cob? The chili lime butter twist adds a spectacular zing to a classic BBQ menu, and what's more, you can cook it in the crockpot, saving space on the grill or in the oven for other items, or bring it to a friend's house as a side dish for their BBQ.

The full recipe is on Slow Cooker Gourmet.


Monkey Bread


Often found on boardwalks and in shore towns, monkey bread is associated with summer, so why not serve it as a BBQ dessert? This version can be done simply and efficiently in the crockpot, too, and the result will serve as a spectacular end to a fun-filled event.

Find the recipe at Crazy for Crust.




Are you pressed for time, planning a last-minute BBQ, now that school is out and the ever-so-helpful children are keeping you busier than ever?


Let What-a-Crock take care of the prep! Our express home meals are prepared ahead of time, leaving minimal preparation on your end. You can use the menu to find BBQ foods that will wow your guests and have slow cooker meals delivered to your doorstep.


You can add everything to the crockpot and get on with other preparations, then sit back and enjoy the event with your friends and family.

Please check out our menus for further details and ideas.

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