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7 Benefits of Eating Healthy Crockpot Meals

7 Benefits of Eating Healthy Crockpot Meals

If you're like many Americans today, you don't have the time to plan and shop for all the ingredients that you might need to prepare and cook healthy meals for you and your family.  The cost of eating healthy has skyrocketed in recent years.

What do many people do?  Well, they turn to the old crockpot, or slow cooker. Crockpots are inexpensive to buy and operate. You can have awesome meals. You put your already prepared ingredients into the pot.  The slow cooker starts up with flip of a switch, and when you get home, there's a delicious meal waiting for you.

Crockpots have been around for about 75 years.  In 2011 the crockpot was in 83% of families homes.  Today’s crockpots are extremely different from what they were decades ago.  The crockpots and slow cookers of today have digital features, such as timers which are extremely handy for starting the meal when you're not even at home.  The crockpots of today are almost artisanal in their looks, and crockpots can even match your favorite color or your decor.

One of the most outstanding features of the crockpot is how easy they are to clean and maintain.  

In times past, the downside to crockpot cooking was that you still had to plan and prepare what you were going to cook, requiring you to have to shop with crockpot cooking in mind. If you want to prepare healthy meals, you're most likely going to have to invest the time to buy healthy ingredients. But who has all of this extra time?

Don’t worry there is a service that makes fresh wholesome and nutritious crockpot foods and delivers the meals ready to cook in the crockpot directly to you.

While crockpots have been around for years, there has never been a way to have someone prepare the food for you; so that you only need to flip the switch and when ready serve a gourmet meal.  Read on and learn about the service that handles this for you!     

There are some great benefits to using a crockpot whether you're looking to prepare healthy crockpot meals on a budget or whether you're just looking for fresh food that’s served without devoting extra-time and energy to cleaning numerous pots, pans and measuring devices that healthy cooking can require.

Many people don't realize it, but today crockpot meals to go can be just like going out to a restaurant. Only the crockpot meal comes without the hassle of getting ready and having the family get ready too.  No worrying or wondering how expensive it will be and whether it will be delivered promptly.

What about the taste? Don’t worry nobody has ever sent a crockpot meal back to the chef!  

Eating healthy and easy crockpot meals without spending a lot of time shopping is very convenient.  Crockpot meals that arrive from a meal kit delivery service make the task simple and easy.  

You could order from a traditional meal kit delivery service from a company that ships you a box of food ingredients that expires in 7 days. Then your task is to prepare what they send you almost directly after you receive it.  Unfortunately, you still need to measure, cook and then clean up and then wash the dishes, pots, pans and measuring tools; not to mention cleaning up the preparation area or counters and floors.

Or you could order from a crockpot meal delivery service, and just toss the ingredients in a single pot and let the slow cooker do almost all of the work for you.  

The meals are prepared for you as you ordered them from the menu.  What a Crock’s meals to go is the only way I know of having meals created for you and your family.  These are wholesome, nutritious meals prepared and cooked while you are away at work!  

Here are the 7 benefits of eating healthy crockpot meals and having them delivered to you.  

1 - Crockpot Cooking at its Finest.

You can order from an extensive menu while browsing for your favorite meal. These easy crockpot meals could be considered healthy gourmet comfort-food.  You order what you want, and then a chef selects the ingredients and puts them all together for you.  The slow cooker prepared meal delivery is a novel approach to making an American tradition even better, easier, and healthier.


2 - Saves Time

When you are receiving home delivery meals designed for the slow cooker you are gaining time.  You will not have to plan and then shop for numerous ingredients. Forget worrying about consuming the ingredients while they are still fresh.  Forget standing and watching over the meal while you cook it. You need not worry about pots boiling over or burning your creation. Forget having to take the time and energy to clean all of the pots, pans and cooking utensils. The crock pot is easy to clean!  If you are home while the slow cooker is performing the hands-free cooking, you have time to sit back and relax while enjoying the aroma of the healthy crockpot meal. It’s like smelling cookies bake!


3 - Healthy Choices

Chef’s prepared crock pot creations are gourmet meals to go that are nutritious, wholesome and healthy. The chefs at What Crock Meals to go think healthy while preparing your fare. With no preservatives added to the ingredients list, and low sodium the home delivery meals you get are freshly cooked food in a meal delivery kit.  Simply open the packaging and put the delicious meal into the crockpot

Generally, crock pot creations rarely add extra oils or fats.  Those two ingredients are replaced with water and time which allows the unique cooking process of the slow cooker to work its magic.

Our chefs trim the fat from the best cuts of meat, and we never add preservatives to our ingredients. When your meal is ready to serve, you will be serving a lower fat meal, rather than a processed food single frozen dinner.  

What a Crock’s meals are prepared fresh and then immediately placed into the vacuum sealed containers. This locks in the freshness for you and your family.


4 - Easy Cooking

If you have used a crockpot before then you know how easy they are to use and the other advantages of preparing your meals in them.  Now it is even easier to go fresh, and healthy with slow cooker meals delivered to your home.  What a Crock's meal dinner delivery service takes the guesswork out of planning, shopping, preparing and cooking your meals.  After deciding what to eat simply open the vacuum pouch and then add the contents to the slow cooker.  Now you can flip the switch to turn it on and forget about it. That’s it, come home and serve a deliciously prepared gourmet meal.


5 - Meals are Scrumptious

Slow cooking is a process that delivers a delicious, healthy meal that many compare to comfort food. The cook needs to open the home delivery meals and pour them into the crockpot. Flip the switch and allow the gourmet premade meals to slowly cook using the easy and timeless tradition of the slow cooking process.   

Before you served your dinner, the culinary experts at What a Crock created a high-quality, delicious meal for you.  Your gourmet dinner was chef created using premade, and par made meal techniques designed for slow cooking.  These are the same techniques used at the finest restaurants. All of the ingredients were hand selected by our culinary team of chefs.  

After selecting perfect ingredients for every meal, the culinary team creates your dish by trimming, seasoning and browning the meats. The vegetables are all diced, sliced and then par-cooked, and then crafting sauces are made from scratch designed perfectly for each meal. Once all the ingredients are together and ready, we meticulously place the perfect amount of each ingredient into a package and vacuum seal it to lock in the freshness. Our pouches are then immediately frozen. Within 24 hours our meals are ready to be shipped to our customers, or to one of our retail location.


6 - Lower Costs all Around

What a Crock Meals to go are competitively priced and should fit into your family’s budget as easily as the meals fit into your schedule.                         

  • The meal costs are very favorable when compared to going out or take out.
  • Home delivery meals from the industry leaders are much more expensive.   
  • No Delivery fees or tipping the driver
  • You make a one-time purchase of the crockpot ($30-100), unless you already have one
  • Take your hourly pay rate and multiply it by the many hours saved using

the slow cooker prepared home delivery meals.


7 - Portion Size Varies

When selecting meals to go from What a Crock’s extensive variety of dishes you have the option to pick the portion sizes best for you and your family. There is an easy to use chart on the company website.  

Portion sizes are located on the outside each meal pouch too. The single portions are designed to feed two people that are lite eaters to average eaters. If you have a larger appetite, the single portion size is just fine.  Depending on the meal selected a portion will weigh between 1.5 and 2 pounds. On average a single portion will feed somewhere about 1.5 people, so if you are feeding three average eaters, two portions should be perfect. It’s good to keep in mind our dishes, just like most slow cooker meals, are fantastic left over; don’t hesitate to order a little extra, it won’t go to waste!

Should you want to order a single meal or multiple meals, go online and make your selection.  You can go into one of the stores and order too. Try the amazing dishes, unique deserts and other easy to serve products.  At any time, you can start saving more money by adding yourself to our subscription service which has no long-term commitment.  


Conclusion: Crockpot Meal Delivery is a Game Changer for Family Dinner

The whole process has been easy, and cleanup is too. The crockpot allowed you to cook your family a delicious, wholesome meal using just one dish, the crock, and all with relative ease.  That same ease applies to the cleanup of the cooker. Generally, there are two types of cookers.

The older crockpots are cylindrical, and the pot itself and the electrical components are attached.  The current days model has a completely removable crock which you can be placed right into the sink.


After a bit of soaking, wipe it clean.  Pretty easy, right? Now you can spend more time with your loved ones and friends and less time working on washing pots, pans, and other utensils.  

By now, we're confident that you will see the value associated with having chef prepared gourmet meals arriving at your door. Take a moment to understand what to expect regarding the portion sizes and deciding how many people your prepared meal delivery will feed.  Our packaging shows portion sizes. The portion sizing is another real advantage. The meal kit delivery service is great for having some leftovers which are easily reheated for an exquisite second meal.

Should you want further information, please call or visit our website.

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