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Garden Vegetable Soup (Vegetarian)

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A healthy and delicious soup full of garden-fresh vegetables including plum tomatoes, green beans, great northern beans, corn, potatoes and onions simmered in a rich vegetable stock.

Three Ways to Cook

Slow Cooker: 2-4 hours on low

Stove Top: Defrost, Pour into a pot on the stove over low heat and cook until warm.

Boil in Bag: Boil a pot of water. Place the frozen dip bag into the pot. Cook for 20 minutes. Make sure the bag is submerged in water and not touching the pot, any plastic touching the pot will burn. CAUTION: Bag will be hot and contains hot steam when opened.

Disclaimer: All meals are produced in a kitchen that contains allergens including but not limited to wheat, soy, dairy and shellfish.