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Farmhouse Grill Bundle

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This pack of premium grilling meats features a little something for the whole family - it's perfect for any grill-side gathering!

The Farmhouse Grill Bundle comes in two sizes, one with 12 pieces and another with 23 pieces

12 Piece Option:

  • 2 1/2 Pound Brisket Burgers

    • Everything you love about brisket combined with everything you love about burgers! Our half-pound Brisket Burgers are tender and juicy thanks to the special blend of brisket.

  • 5 Smoked Hot Sausages

    • These sausages will bring a little heat to your next cookout. They're perfect on a sandwich, with pasta, or just by themselves!

  • 5 Steakburger Sliders

    • Mini burgers that pack a punch! Our steakburger sliders are perfect for kids, parties, or just as a snack!

19 Piece Option:

  • 4 1/2 Pound Brisket Burgers

  • 5 Smoked Hot Sausages

  • 10 Steakburger Sliders