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Butcher's Best Grill Bundle

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An assembly of the finest meats we have to offer. Become the ultimate grillmaster with our Butcher's Best Grill Bundle.

This bundle comes with 53 pieces (13 pounds) of product:

  • 8 1/2 Pound Brisket Burgers

    • Everything you love about brisket combined with everything you love about burgers!

  • 12 Colossal Shrimp

    • When jumbo is just not enough, these colossal shrimp are great for the grill. Try them blackened or with your favorite grilling spices.

  • 5 All Beef Burgers

    • Wow your family and friends at your next barbecue with these delicious all beef burgers! Add all your favorite condiments and toppings to build the perfect burger.

  • 4 Wild Boar Sausage Links w/ Garlic Marsala

    • This wild boar sausage features the flavors of Tuscany, where boar have been eaten and prized for generations. Each sausage is made with roasted garlic and Marsala wine, with hints of rosemary and cloves.

  • 2 Wagyu Beef Burgers with Truffle

    • The most luxurious burger available on the market. Made with Domestic Wagyu Beef and real Black Summer Truffle shavings from Italy, it is decadent, rich, and full of flavors that will satisfy any true burger connoisseur looking to fulfill a craving.

  • 5 Smoked Hot Sausages

    • These sausages will bring a little heat to your next cookout. They're perfect on a sandwich, with pasta, or just by themselves!

  • 3 Bison Burgers With Chipotle

    • Our Bison Chipotle Burger is a delicious mix of Southwestern spices and Chipotle chilies. Mildly spiced and full of flavor, this burger is juicier and tastier than a traditional Bison burger.

  • 5 Bacon Wrapped Scallops

    • These bacon-wrapped scallops can be battered and fried, sauteed, or broiled, and are ideal for pasta, salads, and a variety of other applications. These large scallops are perfect as an appetizer or as the center of your plate.

  • 3 Elk Burgers

    • Our elk burgers are made from 100% all-natural ground elk, without any additives. Lean and full of clean flavors, they are an amazing substitute for your traditional beef patty.

  • 2 Venison Burgers

    • Looking for a healthy, red meat alternative burger that tastes great? Try our gourmet Venison Burger! With a lean-to-fat ratio of 95% lean and 5% fat, it is a healthy alternative to red meat.

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