What Our Customers Are Saying:

What Our Customers
Are Saying:

"I highly recommend What a Crock Meals. I needed some ready made meals to send to my sister out of state. She's sick and can't cook. She loved how easy it is and how tasty they are. I'm ordering more for her, me and family. Easy to order and excellent customer service."

- Keshea M.

"We had the New Orleans Braised Beef last night. It was delicious! Everyone says that crock pot meals are easy . . . but they are not. I work long hours (outside of the home when it’s not a pandemic — inside the home most days now but still long hours) so shopping, cleaning, and prepping the meal to put in the crock pot is not easy. You offer a wonderful solution!"

- Susan S.

"Everything we've ordered has been delicious and super easy. Good cuts of meat, great sauces and just really well prepared. It's always tough trusting your hard earned dollars and dinner time meals to a new food delivery service, but you can definitely trust in this one. Highly recommend!"

- Grace M.

"I have to tell you, these meals are delicious. I tried Blue Apron a few years ago and it was great! But I work full time with mentally challenged people. I don’t want to come home and slice and dice for an hour!! What A Crock is a dream come true. It’s not just easy, but it’s absolutely delicious! I’m from a restaurant family and never thought I would find meals as delicious as mine... FOUND IT!!"

- Michelle P.

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