How many people does a meal feed?

Our meals are sold by the portion to make it more convenient for you. One portion is built to feed a single person with a hearty appetite. In some cases, one portion can feed two people with light appetites such as young children. Our portions have an average total weight of 1.5 lbs (including sauce).

Can I use my microwave to heat up a meal?

No. We only partially cook our meals so that they are as fresh for you as possible. You are not simply reheating a frozen dinner, you are cooking it through for the first time. Microwaves will not cook the meat thoroughly enough to make it safe for you and your family to eat.

How long do I cook my meal for?

There will be an instruction card in your bag, but any chicken or vegetarian meal should cook for 4-6 hours, any pork meal should cook for 6-8 hours, any beef meal should cook for 8-12 hours. All of our meals should be cooked on low. If you have questions when cooking, please call us and we will be happy to help. Cooking times for meals may vary.

What if I only want one portion of something?

If you are only ordering one portion of a meal, we recommend that you have a smaller slow cooker to cook it in. The liquid, or gravy, is what warms and protects the meal. A larger slow cooker may cause the liquid to spread too thin and leave the center vulnerable to burning. A 2 quart slow cooker is perfect for single portions and will keep your food safe and delicious! Great for home or work.